Hunter Irrigation

Hunter Industries is proud to offer the world a complete line of irrigation products whose features, performance and overall level of craftsmanship are unrivaled in the irrigation industry.

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Whether you are a contractor, a designer, a sports turf manager or a municipal groundskeeper, we invite you to choose your components from our wide variety of products and make every system you install a "Complete Hunter System." If you are a homeowner or business owner looking for the best performance in your automatic irrigation system, your choice of Hunter components will be your assurance of unsurpassed quality and value.

  • Rotary Sprinklers - A complete line of Residential and Commercial rotors for virtually any project.
  • MP Rotator - The MP Rotator is a revolutionary sprinkler setting a new standard for water efficiency in the turf and landscape industry.
  • Spray Sprinklers and Nozzles - Durable pop-up sprinklers with nozzle options to fit almost all smaller landscape areas.
  • Valves - Reliable, easy-to-service, long lasting, and with a variety of installation options.
  • Controllers - Easy to program and work with our Sensor products to help insure efficient irrigation.
  • Central Controllers - Controllers for those projects that require more sophisticated water management.
  • Sensors - Reliable, water-saving devices that are a must for any irrigation system.
    Miscellaneous - Tools and products to make installing and maintaining an irrigation system an easier task.
  • Proven Water Saver Products - Products that help conserve water by creating the most efficient irrigation system possible.