Other Products

Shoe Polisher

Auto Shoe Polisher

  • Elegant appearance, everlasting fashion, high profitability, suitable for any venue.
  • Soft & durable lamb's wool pads, shining and efficient at cleaning.
  • Convenient & safe, easy to operate by high quality motor, rich in special features.
  • Equipped with special shoe polisher for all kinds of shoe.
Umbrella Packing

Auto Umbrella Packing Machine

  • Non-electric, easy to operate. With wheels, easy to move.
  • Takes only 2 seconds to pack umbrella.
  • Able to pack 1,000 umbrellas per refillable unit.
  • Beep and automatic flash indicate the run-out of bags.

Fountain Nozzles

We bring you perfect nozzles from Aquascape, the leading manufacturer of fountain nozzles and fountain accesories with a designer's touch. We have various nozzles to meet every specific requirement you may have.


Vinyl Swimming Pool

Design and Build Packages - Swimming Pool!

Vinyl1 Vinyl2

  • Affordable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Adds value to your property
  • Energy efficient
  • Fast construction


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